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Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Running Prob Please Help


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hi hope I have posted this in the right section. I have a ford focus 1.8 zetec on a 51 plate it drives fine if steady but put your foot down and it is just bogging down but will drive smooth as houses if not under load. I have replace a faulty breather hose and fuel filter, checked the PCV valve borrowed a coil pack, ht leads and mass air flow off a friend which I no were a 100% working and it hasn't cured the problem running out of ideas as to what it could be could any body please shed any light on this please. thanks in advance

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so many possibles, could end up spending a fortune on throwing parts at it...

but first

when you say bogging down, is it misfiring or just losing power?

could be a fuel pump issue, blockage in exhaust/cat, injectors amongst many other things..

best bet is to get it plugged in, if no fault codes, then need to access the live data, if possible, get an emmission check..will all help to diagnose.

not mentioned the basics, such as plugs/air filter/checked all the other breather hoses..even oil can cause similar problem..make sure its correct grade...

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