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Focus Cc2 Tdci Many Problems With It Please Advise..

Samantha N

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Help. I've had a focus cc2 tdci (2008) for four years and its malfunctioned Again!! It's been a rocky road with this car. The PDF thing and the tank to the catalytic completely cracked and my car wasn't regenerating. You can imagine how much that cost... I also have puddles of water in the passenger side wells and left hand side of boot... Now I have a warning light on the dash.. Yellow skidding car?? I refuse to pay the fees ford charge for diagnostic hook up so took it to my local garage who was baffled.. I've noticed in icy or wet weather (at low speed) when I brake it makes a strange clunk brrr-ing noise and the brake pedal goes hard and the car goes sideways...Any ideas? I got a ford as everyone I know talks about reliability etc... Seems I always seem to get the runt.. Advice greatly appreciated. Sam..

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1. The water leak - check the cabin filter. It may have gotten wet. Also check the the trim under wiper arms. If needed remove it and check below whether the draining holes are blocked with grimm. The leak in the boot is most probably from the torned seals.

2. The warning light - This warning light indicates problems with your ESP (if you have it) or ABS (pump, vacuum pupm and etc.) and requires IMMEDIATE attention. It is highly dangerous to drive with such a problem!

3. My personal opinion and advice is to visit a mechanic as soon as possible and check for any DTC codes ( fault codes) and then write them here to look for a solution together.

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sounds like your abs is kicking in at low speeds, when this happens the abs module has detected an odd signal from one of the wheel sensors..

normally, i would say this is usually caused by dirt on the pick up or possibly the gap between one of the sensors and the pick up is too large...something along those lines...but your comment about the car going sideways, makes me think one of your wheels is either locking up, or possibly having little braking effort...that is more likely a braking fault rather than an abs fault..

either way, first step is to access the fault code to find a clue to where the problem lies

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