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Miles To 0 Fiesta Ecoboost 1.0


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I have had my 1.0 Fiesta for about 2 months now and have noticed that the miles to 0 calculator is ridiculously wrong!

I have tried this a few times but basically I drive 10 miles (normal Driving) and my miles to 0 calculator goes to 20 miles left! no matter how I drive this calculator goes down 1 mile every 300-400 meters. Does anyone else have this? also I have a 20 mile drive to the petrol station I usually use will I get there when my trip calculator thing states 20 miles to 0!

Thanks in advance

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There will still be fuel in the tank when it says 0, there is always reserve.

How much can be the gamble, lol.

The miles to empty tries to calculate based on a short average MPG. i.e. not the average it shows you but a much more frequently changing one. Stopping and starting the car takes quite a bit out of the miles, so it can depend on the sort of trips you do, as the miles to empty is if you were to keep driving as you currently are.

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I've driven mine for about 40 miles on zero. Filled it up afterwards out of curiosity and could only put just over 40 litres in so loads of fuel left when it says zero, the problem is with the reading is the cold map burns so much fuel. On cold start 90 mile reading drops to about 30 after 15 miles.

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