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Ford Focus 1.8 2003 Lx Surging


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Hi would appreciate any advise with my issue. For about 6 months now I have had an issue which has got steadily worse. When putting my foot on the accelerator in my Focus 2003 1.8 lx 5 dr it basically 'surges' takes a while for the car to kick in with power. So the rev counter effectively goes really high 'surges'.

The car is proving hard to drive now. When accelerating slowly I have no issues.

I initially cleaned the air flow meter with short term removal of the issue then the issue reoccurred about 20 minutes later in the drive. I then bought a new air flow meter but the issue has not been resolved.

The car flew through MOT completely fine. There is no clutch slipping issues and I don't think there are any air leaks (that I can find anyway).

Any advise?

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