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Wing Mirror - 2011 Focus 1.6 Tdci Mk2.5


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Hi guys, first post, so apologies if this is not in the correct place or has been asked before!

The other day I was driving down a narrow street with just not enough room for two cars and I had right of way, but needless to say, someone decided they would try and squeeze through too! They've hit my wing mirror and darted off before I even had chance to turn to get their reg number.

I'm basically needing some help with finding the correct part number so I can order a new one. The whole base and indicator are cracked so I don't think I can buy individual parts. Is there any way I can attach photos to show the damage/ style of wing mirror?


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Not sure why I sent a half message to start there! So would any of the basic replacements on eBay do the trick with just a bit of metallic paint to match the car?

You've maybe guessed I'm not the best with cars! Ha

Thanks for the quick reply!


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Looks like the whole mirror is ok just indicater lense broken .maybe just buy this.


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What spec mirror?

Heated, electric, auto folding?

Looks like the cover is ok, ebay will do whole units with primed covers.

Buy the correct one and refit the existing cover.

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