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Automatic Windows Not Closing

Capt Black

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Hello Pros!

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but I have had a look and I could not find it.

I have a 2010 Focus 1.6 Mk2.5 Titanium.

The rear window is not functioning properly in that when I wind it all the way up, it activates the safety feature and winds itself back down.

Has anyone experienced this problem before or know of a solution I can try?

Thanks guys

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Can't remember of the top of my head how to do it. But you can reset the window. I'm sure it says in your handbook.

Something like close it gradually as to not set of the safety feature and hold the window button up for a few seconds I believe.

I'm sure it's in the handbook if not someone will be along soon to advise you the correct way.

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