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Parts An Labour Costs? Mk4 1.25 Zetec Fiesta


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How much should I pay for a decent enough 3 piece clutch kit and on average how much should I pay to have it fitted?

My 2nd question is how much should I pay for a decent t-belt + timin belt-tensioner and pump and how much to have them fitted. All the above is for a mk4 1.25 zetec fiesta in republic of ireland. Tanks for reading:-)

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clutch kits should be approx £130-£150 for a decent set

timing kits- £50-£70

labour depends on local labour rates...

clutch is 3-4 hours labour, timing is 2-3 hours

not necessary to change pump at same time as belt, can be done without removing timing belt etc, but if you choose to have it changed at same time (will save money in long term) would add approx £25-£40 for pump

dealers will be far more expensive, independents mid range, mobile fitters should be cheapest.

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Tanks for the fast reply lads:-) one other thing my car has 76 thousand miles and never had timing belt or pump the belt looks in good condition but I heard with these cars the timing belt tensioner usualy gives out before the belt, I was wonderin is there anyway at checkin the tensioner for the t-belt. Were I live is really hilly and im half afraid with the strain on the car goin up hills quite alot could cause the belt or tensioner to shear off or snap. Any help appreciated lads

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think they advise 100k/10 years on that engine...

i tend to advise 80/85k to be on the safe side, leave it up to the customer from there.

if your going to go to the extent of checking the tensioner, then you may just as well get the kit changed..peace of mind if nothing else...way i look at it, roughly a £150-£170 cost to do a belt kit every 70/80k is a cheap fix...you'd have spent more on oil changes in that time

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