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09 Reg 2.0 Tdci Juddering When Lifting Off Throttle


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Overall my car drives great, but one issue I find is that it's often quite jerky when lifting off the throttle and when coasting down with drive engaged. It's particularly rough when at low revs. As an example I normally drive a few miles down a road with a 40mph limit due to roadworks (enforced by average speed cameras), and other than on a fairly steep uphill the car will happily sit in 6th with no feeling of strain and the slightest throttle input. If I lift off though, for example because I'm catching the car infront, it will judder for a few seconds as if it's about to stall before settling down. Giving a bit more throttle to get back to speed though and unless I go over about half throttle it's smooth accelerating. Also it's always surprised me the engine braking effect at high revs, more like a Petrol than a Diesel, although not quite as smooth. Petrols I've driven you could lift off and it would slow on engine braking right down to idle where the anti-stall would come in nice and smooth. I find myself putting the clutch in far more when slowing with this car than others I've driven. The other diesel I've driven (1.9 Golf) felt more like I'd expect from a diesel with very little engine braking.

It's not a serious issue, but wondering if it's something that might have a simple and fairly cheap fix to it. Had a petrol that was a bit jerky when lifting off and it was solved by replacing the Lamda sensor (which wouldn't be on a diesel).

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Not used it since friday, then done about 60miles today and it's seemed fine. Wondering if it might be to do with the DPF getting clogged and regenerating? Noticed the fuel economy was a little down and has improved today (my remaining miles has gone down quite a bit less than the miles i've done), so again could be DPF.

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