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Here She Is!!!


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Well yesterday after work i went and picked up my new beauty.

she is amazing coming from my previous car

only small negatives are no grab handles and lack of glasses holder, thats all i can think of at the moment

According to the trip computer i am averaging 40-45, i know i shouldn't really read anything into it until i have done at least 1000 miles so we will see later - i believe it has normal Shell fuel in it, just a bit more than half a tank

anyway Pictures :)






so far the only Mods i have done are de-tango the front, i think i will do the rears as well at some point, also i have put some cree LED number plate lights in, which were a bit of a faf, in daylight they don't seem to be too bright but i will see when the sun goes down :)

anyway apologies for the long post :)

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Very nice! Best colour in a Fiesta to ;)

You have to get rid of that sticker out the back window though... It's Mahoooosive.

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Thanks for all the comments.

I might just leave the grill as it is :)

Will be getting the rear spoiler at some point

I love the colour although it's already a little dirty :(

Yeah that sticker will be going, the dealer did the de badge at the back, I have checked to see they haven't mashed it up!!

Only options apart from the paint were Sony Nav/Dab & Front & rear sensors.

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