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Ford Focus Titanium Audio System Problem


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I am new to this forum :) I have just bought a 2013 ford focus titanium and have been having a little difficulty with the audio system. When I initially switch on the engine (start stop button) the audio system does not start up, I have to press the power button in order for it to go on. But when I switch the engine off the audio system stays on and I have to switch the power off before I leave the car. Is there any way I can set it up so it automatically switches on when the engine it started and goes off when the engine is turned off? If anyone has any idea I would appreciate some help :) thanks!

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Hello and welcome and nice car. I hope I can help. It sounds like to me your turning the radio off when you leave your car so when you come back and start the car the radio is still off. Try this. Start the car and turn the radio on. Now stop the car and then open the drivers door. The radio should now turn off. So when you come back and start the car the radio should then come on with the ignition. At least this is how it works in my car. Hope this helps :)

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Yeah as said above, when you open the drivers door after stopping the engine, the radio will turn off automatically. Then when you next start the car it will turn itself back on.

So basically don't turn the radio off before you get out and it should do exactly as you are asking. :)


Posted at the same time, lol. Glad you got it working.

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