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59 Plate Ford Focus. Ac Temp Knob Broken?

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Hi Guys, was wondering if you could help me. I have had a search online for this and cant seem to find anything for a car the same model as mine.

Basically over the weekend i used the car and the AC worked fine Hot and Cold.

I got into the car this morning and no Hot air was coming through into the car. everything still works (heated windscreens, cold air, fans, etc...) apart from the hot side of the temperature gauge. when turning the knob to the hot side there is a fair bit of resistance. if you let go of the knob it also sometimes pings back towards the cold air side of the gauge.

Does anybody here know what this is and how to fix it? from what i know so far it is just the gauge that needs fixed.

thanks for any replies :)

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it could be the cable getting caught up.i had this even bought a new cable.turned out something was stopping it turning .

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thats what i thought. was it easy to get too and fix or quite tricky?

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Where can i Pick one up? thanks for the replies guys!

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mine turned out to be the cable was catching on wires under the dash have a look.not an easy job to do new cable

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The Finis numbers are what you need at a Ford parts counter, check you have the right number for your car's build year.

Prices are in Euros.


To access the wire you need to remove the radio trim and the radio (don't forget to check you have the security code).

The trim pulls off from around the radio (start at the inner top corners) and take care of the plastic clips (use a screwdriver with tape on the blade or a plastic panel tool like a Bojo from ebay).



The radio is held in with 4 screws, they may be Philips type or Torx so have a Torx screwdriver to hand in case.

Pull the radio forward and disconnect the aerial (simple pull off) and quadlock (press in the catch and swing the latch up).


The heater control panel is held in with two screws that go to metal clip nuts, undo these and then the panel has to be manipulated around to get it out, if you can access the cable without removing the panel then do so as it's a tight fit and can cause damage to the large green ended vent cable.

The heater cable is held on to the panel with a plastic clip, lever this out and then turn the dial to release the tension on the cable whereby the plastic loop on the end will slip off the control cam.


The other end of the cable is buried deep in the dash where it clips onto the heater matrix, remove the passengers side kick panel from the centre console (definitely need a Torx screwdriver for that one) and trace the cable back to it's connecting point.

Edited by Stoney871
Corrected details and edited pictures.

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guys i cant thank you enough for your help! will let you know if it was the wire as soon as i know!

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