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2008 1.8 Tdci Replacement Engine


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hi, just bit the bullet and finally got rid of my wifes vectra and bought myself a focus. only problem is it needs a engine, can anyone help with what fords i can look for replacement engines from.

Its a 2008 57 mk2.5 1.8 tdci

i was hoping i could use a mk1 focus tdci engine but im now doubting myself

pls help me as i need to get car on road before my wife shoots me!!



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its quite high (160k?) but was recovered into local garage by aa as a runner but not sounding good/lack of power, a cups worth of metal museli was taken out of sump so not worth trying to fix this block as such. car only cost me 300 and its got tax and test so seemed cheap enough to be worth sticking an engine in but obviously want to do it for as cheap as poss, was hoping to put mk1 tdci engine in, even if i had to swap loads of bits but someine has told me injectors not swapable between the 2 types

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Your engine code is KKDA which looking at the mk1 engine codes are completely different, if I was you I would find a scrapper with rear end damage with a good engine theres a breakers near me that is good for focus parts will find their details, its in Manchester.

Agree with new engine as high mileage all the metal doesn't seem worth fixing.

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