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2001 Ford Focus Issues Please Help


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Hi i have a 2001 Ford focus 1.8, manual

For the past few months its been very sluggish just dont seem to have any power.

Ive had it pluged in and its come up with the following codes...

P0181- fuel temp sensor A circuit Range & Performance

P0761- Shift Solenoied C performance or stuck off

P0007 Fuel Shut off valve A Contro; circuite high

P0420 Catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank

What do i need to do/buy to fix it

Thanks for your time sean

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not as simple as that im afraid

first step, clear those codes, take it for a run and check to see which, if any, codes return

think the P0420 could be the code you might see again

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codes was cleared last week nothings come back up yet but still has no power, the mechanic i use has told me to replace the cat or de cat it and that should sort it do you think this is right?

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has the cat actually been tested, or the 02 sensors?

if not, then even though he could well be right, could also be a blocked exhaust, or a variety of other possibles.

without proper testing of the system, your taking a gamble

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Its had a new stainless exhaust last week so cant be that, the MOT isn't an issue,

is the 02 sensor the lambda sensor? as ive put a new one of them and a mass air flow sensor on within the last month?

he said its more than likely the cat as he says they are a known problem on the focus!

and thanks for the fast replys

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wouldnt agree they are a known problem, cats can last the lifetime of the car, but they are also quite fragile given the right conditions for them to fail..thats any car, not just a focus

what were the reasons for changing the 02 and air mass?

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i just changed them becuse it was sluggish as its been like that for a while with no lights coming on, just tried the cheap stuff before i start paying for cats etc

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would have been cheaper to get a diagnostic done

without knowing what the engine is actually doing, any changes is a pure gamble, may well have nothing whatsoever to do with cat/sensors.

its up to you, but i would recommend either a diagnostic or at the very least an exhaust gasses test before throwing more parts at it in hope

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by diagnostic, was the live data checked, or just codes checked?

would help a great deal if you give us the full info in order.

such as

was the o2 sensor and air mass changed before or after the mot?

do you have a copy of the exhaust gas readout?

does loss of power show throughout the rev range, or is it just the low end or top end of revs?

does the power loss improve/deteriorate when cold/warm, or is it the same throughout?

anything else been changed/checked since the problem started?

any noticable difference in fuel economy?

any other info you can give us?

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