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St170 Throttle Stiff And Pedal Vibrations At 3.8K Revs +


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Hello All,

I'm a new member with a very well looked after 5 door ST170. It's an 04 plate so (I think) it's one of the later models.

I purchased the car at the beginning of January after having a terrible time owning a Citroen C2 Code (Don't ask..) and I was initially looking at a Fiesta ST150 - but I do a fair amount of motorway miles so I opted for the 6 speed ST170.

The car is in fantastic condition and has flown through it's service and MOT. It's done JUST over 69k.

Very recently I had an issue with the water pump bearing which has been replaced - however since I purchased the car some odd things happen with the accelerator.

For a start - it is initially hard to press in, almost like it is sticking at it's most extended point. This requires a little force to unstick the pedal, which results in a sudden jolt once the peddle is free.

Additionally, I get a large amount of pedal vibration above 3.8k revs. It sort of fades away if the revs continue to climb, but it's definitely still there and it's very uncomfortable - especially if driving on the motorway.

I have people telling me that it could be the butterfly valve being clogged up, or the throttle cable needs replacing. I took it to a Ford garage and they 'acknowledged' that there's a problem but they have booked me in on the 31st for some more 'investigation'. So I'm no doubt going to be spending a lot of money on this.

So my question is, have any of you had this problem before? I have checked the common issues and performed a quick search but I haven't had any luck thus far.

Any help would be much appreciated as I have rapidly fallen in love with the car!

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Thanks for the reply mate.

I'm not a mechanic but I'm not afraid to give things a go providing there's no risk of me breaking something important.

I'll give that a go later today. I would've thought that it would be clean though as it's recently had a lot of work done to the engine, and it looks clean throughout.

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Hiya I was wondering if you managed to sort you vibration on your accelerater pedal if so how did you solve the problem. Ive got a slight vibration doing 70 or above. Only slight but would like to sort it out.

Thanks gary

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