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Replace The Light Switch


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I have just got my new fiesta 2014 titanium 125 bhp ecoboost. But I what to replace the light switch, so I get automatic running light. How do I "pop" out the standart switch? I have been told that I can do it with my fingers without tools.


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If you leave it to that position,turn off the car and open the door, doesn't the car start saying a bing sound as a warning, and the lights doesn't switch off?

My point being, would leaving the switch in that position not just resolve in the light being on all the time? Or maybe I misunderstood what you ment :-)

Anyway, I think I read that you can get that programmed at your Ford dealer, we had some media attention here in Denmark due to the lack of lights on the back of the car when just day light was on.. Read on fords website you could get it programmed at the dealer.

Don't know if true, or price of this, haven't tried.

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Yes, but with this switch, the car turns on the rear og front light, when its getting dark. And back to the LED's when its not dark anymore :-)


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You have to open the door then there is an access panel on the side of the dash you can remove. I think you just pop it out as it's clipped in.

Then you will see two plastic tangs. Squeeze them together and push the light switch out of the dashboard.

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