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Fuel Gauge Problem


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So Iv'e started to notice that when I fill my car up now with petrol the needle on the petrol gauge is fine but the digital one is not in sync with it anymore. When my petrol goes down the digital gauge eventualy catches back up with it around the 45 mile mark. It's not major problem but still it is a problem non the less. Anyone know how to reset the digital gauge or what they would recommend I do, surley it can't be the sensor because the analog gauge is fine or am I wrong?

I know for a fact I get over the 100 mile mark when just under half a tank of petrol is the car not 77...

Ideas? Thanks


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the digital gauge usually works itself out depending on the way you drive before you fill it up, like sometimes i can fill up and it says 300+ and others says 200+, when i start driving on the motorway again it go's up again so its nothing to worry about

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TBH, I don't know how you'd only get 100 from half a tank, either

I've got a little 1.25 Edge , and half a tank usually shows around 200 miles to empty (full tank is about 360ish).Mostly motorway driving, mind.

I don't think I could have got down to 200 miles a tankful on my previous car - a 2ltr 280bhp Saab weighing almost as much as the moon

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