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Focus Mk 2.5 Petrol


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Right had my [new to me] Mk 2.5 Titanium, and liking it, especially the keyless entry /starting.

Now first thing I noticed was when you hit the brake pedal, theres a bit of travel in it before the brakes come, but when they do, they are keen. Now on my Mk2 [ engineering wise same car as the Mk 2.5] when touching the brake pedal brakeing was immediate, verying by the amount of pressure applied.

Anybody else with a Mk 2.5 experiance this? or are your brakes like I described my Mk 2 brakes. Had it over to my mechanic. he give it a run and said it seemed fine. Thogh he said his brakes on his Passat behaved like mine. He said because in the course of his work he is in and out of alot of cars, he thought mine was not unusual. I still don't think its right.

Anyway I'm going over to his garage tommorow, getting it serviced, all wheels off brakes inspected and cleaned, test brake fluid water contamination, may bleed. I like to check any car I buy brakes wise along with a service, so I feel safe belting down to Cornwall in May.

I orded some front flaps off eBay [genuine Ford] £22.95 Monday, arrived yesterday fitted them today. Seem to be £35 inclusive of the postage everywhere else. Must say I'd advise anybody to buy front mud flaps for the Mk 2.5. Same as with the Mk 2, and even though Ford fit under sill and front of wing bottom protectors, 06 plate onwards. Mud just clogs the bottom eight inch of the wing , trapped between in whell arch protector and wing return lip.

And whilst its in for those jobs, I'll give it a good undersealing on the under sills, where they are welded to the chassis.

Any comments regards the brake pedal travel welcome

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a good tip remove the rear arch protectors and buy some rubber hose you can split and fit over the edges where it meets the metal and replace i did it years ago and now on the mk3 ford use the same process to prevent corrosion

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Can a Mod delete this thread please, as it's a double post. when I attempted to post the opening post, the site told me it had failed and to try again later. Which I did with a new subject line, hence two threads on the go. :blink:


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