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Mk1 Fuel Gauge Problem / Electrics


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Hi guys, I have recently bought a Focus mk1 1.8 (1999).

The fuel gauge on the dashboard always says empty so I have been going by mileage on the clock to predict when to re-fuel.

I have no clue whether its electrical or the tank sender unit, but would like to get some advice from anyone here first for the best way of going about fixing this.

Also theres a problem with the car lighter, every time I replace the fuse it blows 2 seconds later. I'm pretty sure 15amp fuse is the correct amount according to the manufacturers guide, so I guess theres something either wrong with the fuse box or the lighter itself.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated guys!


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Have you checked inside the cigarette lighter to make sure there's nothing in there (coins, debris from a broken charger etc), as that could short it and cause the fuse to blow instantly. (And you're right, it's a 15A fuse). D/C the negative terminal on the battery before you go poking about in there, just to be safe. And make sure you have any necessary radio codes beforehand.

The most likely suspect for the fuel gauge issue is the sensor on the fuel tank. I'm not 100% on this but I've a feeling it's part of the pump and you'll need to drain and remove the fuel tank to get at it, unlike some older Fords where you could gain access from below the rear seat.

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