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Knocking From Front Of Car


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hi just wondering if any one else has the same problem i brought my 08 focus tdci 1.8 on 01/03/13 from a non ford dealer probably within a week or 2 i got a knocking from the front of my car i took it back and they identified the problem and replaced a part dont know what they replaced the knocking stopped. About a month ago the knocking started again so i took my car back to the dealer i brought it off and they say its coming from the steering rack not the part they replaced last time even though it sounds the same but they also say that its a manufacturing fault and that ford dealers have had a bullitin about this though not made public apparently its just a case of injecting grease into the rack and it should stop the knock. If any one knows anything or heard through the grapevine please let me know i shall be contacting ford to see if there is any truth in this. Dave

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