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Replacing Alternator On Ford Focus1 Facelift Dtci Durotorq 1.8 New Or Used?


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Hello I am a flat broke sculptor... need to change the Alternator... don't want to pay much more than a 100 euros for the Part: several on offer used with 100,000 km or so...... for 60+ euros but also new at the 120 Euro range. ( Bosch@ €300). can't believe that these generic new ones can be much cop, but who knows?.

How long do the Alternators usually last ? i have heared 150,000 kms... I'm not keeping the car for long,, as I can't afford the maintenance, that's coming up so maybe i get away with one at 115,000 ( mine went at 165,000)

How long does it take to change? One Mechanic says 3 hours, but another thinks 1 and a half. it looks quite accessible! Could i do it myself????? I don't want to spend more than 4 or 5 hours on it and its got to be straightforward, as I am not that patient.

New ones in Germany and Austria are under brand-names CEVAN or BOLK

recomendations please!

thanks, Mark


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