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Gloss Black Grills


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Basically looking to get my grills and fog surrounds sprayed gloss black on my ZS and have just been quoted £270, is this a bit pricy or is that the going rate lol?

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Why don't you do.it yourself? I done my focus wing mirror covers, grills, fog surrounds and splash guard (I think that's what it's called. The bit just above the top grille that is under the bonnet) for about £30. It's really easy.

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like Karl says, do it yourself but read up on it and take your time. preparation is the key. £270 is very excessive btw.

simple steps:

sand the grills to key the surface - use a scotch pad to help you get into the grooves.

wash with soapy water and let it dry naturally

spray in a warm room with no wind

lots of light even coats, 15 mins apart

finish with lots of light even coats of lacquer.

use plastikote paint as it sticks to plastics really well. good luck

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