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Ford Fiesta Gear!


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Pigging nora, someone's picked the locks. :ph34r:

Looks very smart that Jar, not for me though.

You not the hoody type then Keith?

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where has your face gone?

more seriously, can you put a pic up of the car sticker? i want one but want to see what it looks like first. and how much was it ? thanks :)

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Thanks guys... and sorry Iv'e been away for so long, iv'e been in Dubai for a few weeks.

Funny story actually... There were a ton of really exotic cars (lambo's, feraris etc) and guess what I saw!

A FIESTA!! Shows how cool and appreciated they are lol.

Anyway.. here are pictures of the stickers - the first is the actual photo, the second has been flipped to show how they would look on a window etc! I'm not sure if the white ones will show up through the tinted black glass, so I'll post again when I find out!



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I think the only thing I want on my back window is my Fitness First sticker so they don't clamp me at the club. I don't want to stick anything on my car yet. Those look good though.

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