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Cleaning/ Polishing Car?


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You will be surprised in a bad way how expensive could be the proper detailing. Thus my first advice is to avoid getting in depths of the detailing and stick to the basics. I recommend you to stay away from the fancy brands and labels because they will pierce your wallet and stick to Autosmart. Their products are as good as the premium brands but much cheeper. You can find a local rep in their site.

So, let's start with the basics that you will need to keep your car in top condition.

1. A pressure washer

2. Two buckets

3. Wash media - Kent noodle mitt or even better a sheepskin mitt

4. Pre wash agent - if you have a snow foam lance : Autosmart Actimousse or Ultra Mouse. If you don't have a snow foam lance - Valet Pro Citrus Pre wash through a cheap pressure sprayer bottle.

5. Car shampoo - Autosmart Autowash ot Duet

6. Tar and iron remover - Autosmart Tardis and Fallout Remover

7. clay bar or towel - Bilt Hamber clay bar and a weak solution of shampoo and water mix as a lube. OR G3 clay mitt from Halfords.

8. Polish - Consideringly that you will do it by hand - Autoglym Super Resin Polish, Poorboys Black Hole, AF Tripple

9. Decent drying towel - Kent XL drying towel

10. Decent microfibre towels - Eurow 36 pack towels

11. Wax or sealant. - depending on your tastes and preferences.

12. All purpose cleaner - Autosmart G101

13. Interior, plastic and rubber dressing - Here I recommend CarPro Perl to save $, because you can use it on everything mentioned with different dilution.

14. Wheel cleaner -Autosmart G101 or Smartwheels

15. Glass cleaner - Autosmart Glass Clear

This is everything you need to keep your car in top condition. Eventually, you can skip the claying if you don't feel confident. If you want better/more expensive product recommendations, I would happily assist you. But as I said, you can get everything you need from your local Autosmart rep.( except the wash media, polish, drying and mf towels).



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