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Mk1.5 Bonnet Not Opening. Advise?


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A lad I know has just purchased a mk1.5 focus. The bonnet was opening fine this morning but now he's been for a night time drive and some how only now realized he's got head lights out..

Gone to open the bonnet to change the bulbs and it does nothing when turning the key left or right.

I went to see if I could fix it for him the same way I sorted my mk2 focus using a long screw driver through the grill, but looking through his grill the mechanism is different and there appears to be a white plastic housing around where the cable would be joining the white collet to the barrel on my mk2.

So the screwdriver trick won't work

Has anyone came across the problem on a mk1 focus and is there a fix for it?

Advice appreciated

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3 options

1 push down on the bonnet whilst turning the key left and right

2 get under the car and try to reach up not easy

3 easiest and most common method smash the grill and do that to get into the lock

alternatively read this it may help http://www.diynot.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=254652

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It maybe that the barrel has pushed out of its clip :(

When you put the key in the lock turn it slightly and pull the key towards while unlocking in the usual way

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