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High Mileage Focus Hesitant Starting


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Recently the Focus (2000 1.8 Petrol) has developed an irritating problem whereby every 10 or so starts it will either take 6-7 seconds to fire up or won't at all, however in both instances turning the key off and trying again results in a normal quick start up.

The engine has over 170,000 miles on the clock and has always been ran with regular unleaded.

The tank is almost empty and as such I shall be re-fuelling tomorrow, so would be it adviseable to try putting high octane (99) in it to see if that cleans out the system?

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I have a similar issue with mine, 1.4 135K 1999.

Occasionally it will take several seconds to start, normally it is instantaneous. It usually happens after a short journey, but not always.

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