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Been At It With A Hammer And Chisel....again


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some of you may remember that i had bonnet vents that i removed using a hammer and chisel as i wanted to replace the fibreglass vents with carbon fibre looking plastic ones. well...ive only gone and done it again but ths time with the dash pod.

after reading lennys awesome guide i bonded my dash pod/trim thinking it'lll never be removed so bond it down. well, last night i took it off and replaced my current 2 x 52mm gauge set up and replaced it with the dash top pocket/cubby. I have then got a Samsung Media Player 5" screen and placed that into the pocket but mounted it so that it sits upright and can be removed (held by velcro). i can also place my satnav there if required but not both at the same time.

from this:


to this:


video isnt working right now but i'll upload one tonight

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great job Sal , looks really good m8, how are you powering it

Hi Paul

just using a standard car charger, I will be adding a cig lighter socket into the dash pocket so that i dont have wires everywhere.

The Samsung media player hides flat in the pocket and you cant tell it was there!

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