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Turbo Failed.


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Sitting in the back of my Focus atm waiting for RAC.

Got to a set of traffic lights, all of a sudden she revs up past the limiter plooms of white smoke out the back. Jump out the car taking the key out and she's still going!

Four different people say turbo has failed.

I'm unsure if this is the case and also if it's covered under the warrenty I brought at the moment.

2008 ford focus diesel 1.6

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Turbo oil seals.

The over-revving and running when turned off is because the engine was burning it's own oil.

You're lucky the engine did stop or else it will seize through lack of oil or go wheeeeeeeeEEEEEE bang!

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I think it may have seized, i'm not sure though. The oil remaining in the oil cap area was certainly steaming when the fire service had a look at it! The bonnet was cold though.

It didn't last long, anything up to about a minute it revved for before giving up. The ploom of smoke though wasn't healthy. Poor people behind me couldn't see, or probably breathe!

Edit: It was steaming but nothing like deliberately trying to kill it.

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The burning oil will produce that big cloud of exhaust smoke.

Hopefully you haven't totally cooked the block.

A check of the bottom end for damage and the heads for warping will probably be in order.

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Cheers Stoney

It's in the garage now, hopefully the 3 year "Plan A" warranty that is supposed to cover ALL mechanical failures will cover the cost of it. If not I'm selling it and jumping ship to something else, possibly a Skoda Octavia VRS!

I've had nothing but bad luck with that car!

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