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Dab Radio Recommendation


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I have a 6000 Cd in a recently purchased 2010 focus, and i was looking to install a DAB radio, can anyone recommend one? maybe even with bluetooth. I understand it won't be cheap but I have a bit left over from buying the car so thought I might invest.

Also can anyone recommend anywhere in Manchester area for fitting or purchase? Is Ford a no no because of price?



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hi mate

i installed a Ford/sony DAB radio into my car and its ace. if you can find a genuine one then fitting should be straightforward.

remove the fascia trim carefully

undo the four screws

pull out stereo and release the plug at the back by pressing small clip to release

you will need an aerial adapter to smf type

replace with new stereo and enjoy!

btw, i might have my stereo up for grabs as ive been offered a double din unit...not sure if i want it yet.

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