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Mk1 3Dr Door Regulator


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Good afternoon,

My driver's side window regulator has completely gone kaput. I have taken it out and it's unrepairable. The wire is frayed and tangled in the motor so it is unusable. Also, one of the little plastic round runner things have broken off the metal frame. I have managed to save the motor. My question is I am looking at buying a new/used regulator but they are advretising them as 2 pin or 6 pin. How can I tell which one it is I need? I assume it's the pin for the motor connection but I'm not too sure.

Thanks for your help guys (and gals)

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Hi Mike, Looking at the listing, the 2pin type doesn't have the comfort function...which means the window will go straight down if you let go of the switch. The other option I have listed is actually an 8 pin which supports cars with the comfort function. We sell these for about £90 (2pin) & about the same for the other as well, actually, just in two different makes. Second hand is worth doing though. Did the same one on my Galaxy (2002 Reg). Paid £35 from Ebay.

Hope this helps?


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