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Next On The 'to Do' List: Alloys


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The bloke who owned my Fiesta van before me obviously thought that kerbstones are more efficient at stopping cars than the brakes, so all four of my alloys are scratched - and thanks to the recent potholes, two of them are now buckled. MOT fail, right?

So… doing the maths, it seems like it's going to be cheaper to buy four replacement alloys and then sell the dinged ones to get a bit of cash back, rather than getting them refurbished and repaired.

So my questions are:

1. Where's the best place to buy replacement alloy wheels? (The cheapest I can find so far is from here: http://www.fordonlineparts.co.uk/product/Ford_Fiesta_16%22_10-spoke_Alloy_Wheel_-_2008_onwards_-_1495700_F1495700-61 )

2. What would be a fair price to list/sell 4 scratched, 2008+, 16" alloys, 2 with slight buckling on the inner rim. Someone with time, knowledge and the appropriate kit could refurbish them, surely?

…and yes, I would make the buyer WELL aware of the issues beforehand!!!


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So, £600 for replacement wheels, plus £50 to remove and refit the tyres if you are keeping them, How does that equate to getting them refurbished?

Can you straighten buckled alloys? If not surely it would be more cost effective to replace the 2 bucled wheels, refurbish the other 2.

You can guarantee that with the state of the roads that whinin a couple of months you will have kerbed the new wheels.

My brother has a rim protector on his Cadilac wheels. a rubber "U" section. stuck on with 3M tape.Come in various colours, he bought his online but he says that Halford list it.

Various colours. Looks tidy.

Just an idea.

Will get a photo tomorrow or the link and post it.

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Here is the link. Halfords are also a stockist but you have to " Click and Collect" takes a week.


Its important as was found out that these are supplied with 8 satchets of wipes. 4 cleaners and 4 primers.

Clean the rim edge then prime the rim edge AND the rubber moulding before fitting the tape.

If you follow this procedure you find that tha the t moulding sticks like s%$* to a blanket.

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