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Heater Control Mixer Cable Re-Fit


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I've had this problem when I picked up my 2009 MK2.5 Focus around a year ago and just the other week too.

The temperature control knob moves but no heat comes out. I've just had it in the garage literally only 3 days ago to get it fixed and he only charged me for an hour of labour as he said the cable had disconnected from the far end. The guy at the garage said he just took the radio and the glove box out, traced it and re-connected it.

Now, I've got the radio and the glove box out but I'm damned if I can trace to where the far end goes. It's definitely connected to the knob and you can see that there's too much give in it like it's not connected.

Give me a computer and I can fix it, give me a car and I can scratch my head...

Anyone have any ideas (pictures ideally) of where the far end of the cable should be connecting to?


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The cable runs down the lower left side of the dash to the heater matrix under the dash.

It connects to a lever on the left side of the heater assembly.

Just follow the air vent pipes to locate the heater.

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Ok, so the cable isn't that long. Stupid question... should I be able to get to that just by taking the glove box out or do I need to remove more paneling? Also, is it best to disconnect the battery before messing with stuff like this?

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Really not sure on best way to access the control lever TBH.

Remove the glovebox and the passenger side lower footwell side panel (2 screws and it unclips).

You should at least be able to see where you're going from there.

I'd recommend attaching the lower cable first and then move to the top part, attach the loops first and then push the white tensioner clips into place to lock the outer sheath of the bowden cable in place.

Also make sure that you rotate the heater knob to allow for maximum slack when looping the top cable to the cam.

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