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Dash Space Saver Broke


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has anybody had this problem?

the little space saver that is on the top of the dash has broke.this is where the extra clocks on an rs would be.

the little latch that holds it in place has broke of and will not stick back on.

what i want to do is remove it without breaking it so i can sort it with less hassel.

is it easy to remove? or less bother to keep it wedged with a folded bit of paper?

please help as i hate driving knowing it is broke, i cant stop looking at the paper stuck out the top of it.

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This is a known problem on the Focus MK2/MK2.5. The plastic hook is part of the lid. If the hook is broken you have to replace the complete lid. A new lid will cost about €75,-. To remove the cover you have to remove the complete storage compartment. The compartment is clicked into the dashboard with about 10 metal clips. The easiest way to remove the storage compartment is to remove the radio first and push the compartment out of the dashboard. If the compartment is removed from the dashboard the lid can be replaced easily.

Because the lid is pretty expensive most peaople decide to glue the lid closed. Another possibility is to make a new latch yourself and glue it onto the lid.

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