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Mk1 1.8 Cold Start Issue


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Morning all

New here so bare with me!

I'm trying to work out what is going on with a family members Focus 1.8, it appears to have developed a problem with cold starting (even in the recent warm weather). It takes around 5 seconds of cranking before it will start, it tries to catch while cranking but doesn't and all of a sudden it'll fire and run ok. Idle seems to settle down to normal cold levels right after.

If you then shut it off after a few seconds and then attempt to start again, it starts first time.

Not sure what could be going on? I don't know the last time it was serviced so I'm thinking it could probably benefit from an oil and spark plug change, but is what I am describing typical of other faults? I've been reading the ICV/PCV can cause some strange problems?

Hope somebody will be able to help


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I would of thought if ICV there would be other symptoms such as uneven idle? Is it only the cold start issue you are experiencing?

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