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Focus 06 - Water In The Spark Plug Wells And Further Problems


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Hello all,

I have been researching this issue with the Focus now for days and came across the brilliant thread by your member Catch (think I remembered his name right!).

My problems started last month with the engine management light coming on and reduced power occasionally. We took it to a local garage where it was diagnosed as a spark plug, lead problem.

When we removed the sparks the wells were full of rusty coloured water. We removed all of this and replaced the plugs and leads.

However, a couple of days later the Engine system failure message appeared. We called a breakdown recovery company who did a diagnostic on it which reported the following:

Car in limp mode but engine running fine

Advice was to take it to the garage with the following possibilities:

No 1 cylinder missfire - ( although breakdown man said this came up on laptop he was using, but when engine running and being revved there was not one).

P0122 Pedal senser fault - wiring fault to earth

Throttle pedal fault

Ecm fault

So car went back to garage where they replaced the throttle pedal.

Car had to return to garage as the Engine system fault returned and had another separate minor fault.

Upon driving away minor fault was fine but Engine system failure came back, so it went straight back in and had the throttle body cleaned.

When driving the car next the same thing happened - loss of power and Engine system failure back on again. When the car is stopped and restarted this goes away but returns again shortly.

The car is going back in to the garage where they will be looking at it again but a new throttle body has been suggested by someone.

Sorry this is soo long!

Anyway after reading the thread I mentioned above I sent my partner out to look at the spark plugs again to check for water. The car was on a slope so he checked the plug which was sitting lowest. There is no water in the spark plug well but there is some pooled above it.

Does anyone have any ideas on this one, I have no knowledge of cars at all and am wondering if there could be a link somewhere between the spark plug issue and the throttle pedal issue. Sorry if this sounds stupid I really have no idea and after being up for so long trying to find information online I'm just getting more and more confused lol.

Thankyou in advance for any help.

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Youre washer jets are allowing water through the bonnet into the engine bay as a result the coil pack will be knackered the plugs and leads should also be replaced this is why you have a misfire which wont go away till they seal the washer jets replace the coil pack and leads remove and clean the plugs its an issue ford are well aware of doing the plugs and leads wont sort the coil pack which needs replaced the coolant plugs in the head should if very rusty be replaced also the garage doesnt sound like they know much about fords or they would know what to try and where to look the throttle wont be the fault the fact cylinder one is misfiring will make it look like the pedal but its likely the coil

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Thankyou very much for your reply. The coil pack and core plugs will be looked at asap. Also yes we will sort the washer jets out too. What a nightmare only had the car 4 months. Thanks again.

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As said by artscot79, it sounds like the washer jets, this was a common fault on the fiesta mk6's and I had this problem myself because the washer jets didn't have a seal and allowed water to drip through the bonnet and into the spark plug wells

I'd recommend cleaning up the spark plug wells as much as you can, replace the spark plugs (once you've dried the water up), ht leads, coil pack and washer jets with a rubber seal between them and the bonnet

This should hopefully solve your problems

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