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Yet Another Issue.. Lol (Clutch Pedal)


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first it was my cambelt.. then my brakes.. now its my clutchs turn.

I was coming home and my clutch pedal went rough and gritty feeling..(I do change gear fast and offen even while normal driving)

it as done this 3-4 Times. It as had a clutch change 7,000 ago.

last time this happened my pedal went stiff and clutch felt like it slipped till the pedal come back up. (as if the pedal didnt come up fast enough after i shifted)

i'm guessing the fuild may have been changed with the clutch. But the concentric slave cyclinder dont look like it was replaced.

I am also unaware when the brake/clutch fuild as been changed as my car as Zero History. but it was low when it was topped up when i brought it a few months ago.

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