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Focus Mk2, Lots Of Dtcs.


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Hi guys,

I just connected the ELM327 to my focus Mk2 C307 yesterday and read the DTCs. Lots of modules had DTC storaged, both of the modules on MS-CAN and HS-CAN. I had compared to another Focus Mk2, the streering is obvious lighter than mine, and the shock of changing gear is lighter than mine too. After release the gas pedal, the speed didn't become lower.

The list of DTCs are:

1. PCM U1900,63
2. EHPAS U1900,20
3. RCM U0073,30
4. DDM B2089,60 U2516,20
5. PDM B2089,60
6. RDDM U2516,20
7. RPDM U2516,20

After clear the DTCs on HS-CAN, U1900,20 of EHPAS appeared again in a short time.

My Focus Mk2 is manufactured in 2007, 1.8L gasoline engine, 4-speed autotransmission, EHPS power steering.

I wonder how to find out the cause of these DTCs?

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Clear them down and then drive the car for a few days or so then re scan the codes. Codes are quite often logged for whatever reason, as long as they don't keep coming up that's OK.

U1900-20 I get just about every time I connect the elm device to the car, think it usually says "can communication error" or something like that and is on the HEC module.

From what I read this code can be ignored as it's related to using the elm device, however not sure if this is the case on the ehps module, my expectation would be the code means the same thing on any module

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