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Lowerimg Spring Query???


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Im really scratching my head with this!

How can this be right?!

Gmax -35mm springs.

What I imagine to be the rears as same diamter the lowering ones are twice the length of the standards. I know the standards are compressed but there not going to lengthen that much surely?!



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Those really don't look right. The coils would be hitting each other when you go over bumps if you compress them to fit in there - I'm only guessing looking at the size of them though.

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Ive just knocked round a neighbours who's got a few modded fords. Hes poked his head under and said the springs sit right up further into car than can be seen. Said they will fit.

Also checked codes on springs in gmax site and they defo are for focus 98-04.


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Its a 1.8 tddi. My first ever ford and tbh i love it upto now. Ive always had vauxs and rovers. Was looking for a mk4 astra and foumd this only a few miles away and went for it. Its a zetec model and if im right has better suspension as standard???

Want to tune the engine do you know what can be done. I know the basics as in decat, filter, blank egr etc... but what about the boost and fueling side, remap gains, tuning box etc....

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