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Central Locking Problem. Thoughts Please


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Hi All, I've just brought a 2002 1.4 LX for my wife and there is an issue with the central locking.

When I press the lock button the central locking triggers then releases repeatedly. Once released either just the drivers door will be locked or all doors will be unlocked.

The barrel on the drivers lock seems to have gone as I am unable to lock this with the key.

When trying to lock the car using the lock on the passenger door, as with the remote, all locks trigger then release & only the passenger door will lock.

I have noticed that it's not possible to push the drivers interior lock button in, so am wondering if this is where the problem is.

Any thoughts would be appreciated as at the moment it's like a krypton factor challenge trying to get it locked, especially if you're on your own

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hi cliff, i had a similar problem like yours with mine several times, i spoke to an auto locksmith about this and he mentioned that inside the locking mechanism for the door there is a very small spring that dislodges itself and causes the central locking to fail as you have mentioned. it may be worth taking the car to a garage to let them have a look and see what if anything that could be the cause. apparently this is a common problem with mk 1 focuses. best of luck and i hope this has helped.cgriff40.

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