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It's Here.... My Thoughts!

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Hey all,

So it's arrived. I picked up my new fiesta st 2 in race red plus style pack on saturday morning with 14 miles on the clock. I sadly traded my 13plate ZS 1.6TDCI in and having spent the last few days racking up a few hundred miles I'm ready to give my thoughts for anyone who is interested.

DISCLOSURE: I only passed my test in January (28 years old, not because I kept failing but always had people to give me lifts everywhere and was never interested in cars) since then I have taken a much greater interest in cars but my knowledge of how cars work, what to do if things go wrong and how to drive well is relatively limited. While learning to drive I drove a Citroen DS3 which was my instructors, and my wife's Fiat Punto Grande 1.4 petrol.

MY ZETEC S: This car was simply awesome. It beat the Punto in every department, but to be fair it was about 6 years old. I also preferred it to the DS3, it was quicker, more comfortable and the drive felt far superior. Considering the the ST is almost double the power, this still felt pretty quick. Once the turbo kicked in this car was a lot of fun, and the fuel economy on it was great. The trip reckoned I was getting 49.7mpg and a tank just seemed to last and last. The great thing about it, was it was easy to drive, even when getting up some speed round corners or on straights the car just seemed to do what I needed it to do and I never had to think about it. I'll always have fond memories of this car and would totally reccomend it... although Id probably advise the 1.0 ecoboost as in the ZS trim its 125bhp for little sacrifice on running costs, or so I'm led to believe.

MY ST: So I haven't had this very long but this thing is just a bundle of fun. As someone who isn't particularly car savvy my faveourite thing is the sound symposer. When you put your foot to the floor the sound puts a huge smile on my face. I find the ST somewhat decieving however. In my ZS when the turbo kicked in I could really notice it and that "felt" fun. I could be wrong but I think there is very little lag on the turbo in the ST if any, so I don't notice any sudden burst (unless I put my foot right down and unleash the boost) and so when I look down I'm always surprised at what speed I'm at because I haven't noticed any turbo to make me think "right now we are off!" The drive is just as good as the ZS despite the extra speed. I'm probably not clued up enough to notice the differences in the way the car handles or the things in the ST that are there to improve it over the ZS, but I loved the way that handled so I can only say I'm just as impressed in this. Comfort..... I have to say I feel like this takes a pretty big hit in the ST. Even in those lovely recarro seats (which are far superior to the ZS seats) I can feel every bump in road and if you are in the back, god help you. The suspension is so tight I find i am up and down all the time. I guess enthusiasts might argue this is part of the fun, and although not a deal breaker, it is noticeable and for me and less enjoyable. Fuel consumption so far feels like a nightmare. When I got the car it was on 19.7mpg, I haven't reset it and its up to 26.8 after a couple of days. If I could hit 30+ I think I'll be happy, but it's still a massive difference. That said the engine isn't exactly run in and I hope it will get better as I put some more miles on the clock.

Question is, is it worth it. The extra money for the car, the extra insurance (minimal), going from £0-£130 road tax, and the big hit on fuel........ Yes I believe it is. The car is a head turner, everyone who has seen it is just blown away. people used to say my ZS was nice, but this gets seriously impressive comments. Then they get in it. People love the seats, and in the passenger side with the seat further reclined and the heated seats on, its probably more comfy than the ZS. (As a driver I have my seat pretty much upright which probably doesn't help on the bumps). The engine sound is lovely and if you put your foot down it feels great. Most importantly Im pleased with the upgrade. I enjoyed driving the ZS but this.... well, I keep finding excuses to take it out which was never the case in the ZS.

I really loved and still love my ZS and I rate them incredibly high, but the ST is more or less everything I could ask for in a car.

Hope this hasn't been a bore to read, and once again my apologies it isn't particularly technical, but thought I would share my thoughts with you guys...


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A very honest opinion, and having owned an ST2 for 12 months, I would agree. For me, it has too many plusses to bother me with the harsher ride quality.

Awesome little car ! Liked your review. 👍

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