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Timing Belt Or Chain?


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Hi there,

I just recently purchased a Ford Fiesta LX 1.3 52 reg for quite a decent price. What I really wanted to know, and could not find out for love nor money, is if this car comes with a timing belt or chain?

If any one has any experience or knowledge to share on this I would be much appreciative!

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The 1.25 Zetec engine is belt driven. Ford's recommended interval is 100k or 10 years whichever comes first but it is recommended to change before this as they have been known to fail below this.

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I did mine at 10 year's, because the little thing hasn't got to 100k miles not even close, budget for a new set of stretch belts as they can't be re used and also a water pump as they are as soft as anybody's in these engines unless it has been changed previously (not such a problem to do later as it gets a piggy back drive from the aux stretch belt and so doesn't require cam belt off)

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