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Mk2 2005 Focus Ti-Vct Mystery Hose


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I invite you people to a little detective work.

I recently bought a 2005 Estate with the 1.6 ti-vct engine. So far so good, I find it a good car.

Yesterday I was looking around the engine, checking the air filter, fluids etc. when I noticed a loose plastic clip behind the engine on a hose.

Wanted to attach it to something, when it came away completely with no resistance at all. It was jsut resting on top of other pipes.

I tried to locate its origin but could not find anything.

Please look at the photos and give some direction about its plae and function.

I am a little worried now if it something very important.




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Thank you.

So it is not that important, but quite expensive for what it is....

You saved me a trip to a garage,

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Of course I did not mean to ignore it. But I don't have to phone the garage straight away tomorrow morning and then wait till my next off day with fear of driving it. I'll just pop it back tomorrow, fit the Wiper Blades, air filter, pollen filter and plugs when they arrive and it's ready for the holiday :) :driving:

By the way: is the little spong square in the air box something special or just a plain sponge and can be replaced with any kind of sponge. In my one it is quite oily and I am not sure it is worth trying to clean it unless it is a special piece.

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It's the crankcase breather filter.

It traps oil blown out and stops crud sucking back in.

A decent filter kit should contain one.

If not just give it a good wash in degreaser and dry well.

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Thanks for the advice.

One more thing, which is completely off topic :offtopic:

I tried to research on the internet, but either googled the wrong words or everyone else is just as confused as I am.

The car came with a remote flip key and a non remote key. They both seem to be orginial ones and operate fine. I'd like another remote key for my wife and leave the the standard key as extra emergency spare. (sometimes one of us accidentally takes the key + on holiday if one is lost/stolen....)

I read that it is possible to buy used remote keys and program it to the central locking with ease. Where there seems to be confusion is whether all keys will work with the immobilizer or just the ones with the same code as the orginial. They go like 3M5T15K601AB or 3M5T15K601AC or 3M5T15K601AD. I have got the one ending in AB.

But my biggest problem is: The code that has been mentioned is printed on the remote side of the flip key, but as far as I know the immobilizer transponder is in the flip side. So even buying the same code key will only guarantee that that side is matching...

Do I have to look for certain codes/part numbers or all of this does not matter at all?

Or I should just go to the Ford Stealership and fork out £130 or how much for a new key? :blink:

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I have never had problems with transponder compatability TBH.

Buy a new complete key off ebay and find a couple of Auto Locksmiths in your area to get quotes for cutting and coding.

Ford would insist on a dealer supplied key, about an hours labour and also a diagnostic so closer to £200ish.

It will be about £30 for an ebay key and £40-50ish for a locksmith.

I've had an ebay flip key for about 3 years now and it still works perfectly.

Sent from my SM-G900F

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