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My car has finally made it to the garage today to be looked at, they guy has said it's a leak in the water pump and that the clutch needs replacing. I'm waiting for my dad to get back to me with a rough estimate of how much it will be, this is the same guy who changed my Lambda though, and he charged £150 for this, which i think its a massive amount for such a tiny job. Can anyone give me a rough guide to go on about how much this will cost, as if it's too much i will get it done elsewhere.

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My son was given a very preferential price on a lambda probe renewal, due to prior w/shop failures. They only charged for the probe ( £85 ), and labour could have added at a rate of £69 +VaT/hr.

Suspension parts are often cheap, but not the labour time/rate.

All departments in a garage have to make a profit, and are independently audited, so it is difficult to give freebies. You can't expect family favours, unless he does the job in his own time, if the upper management have given him this perk, which these days is unlikely as he would be uninsured, doing homers as my father used to do for me. ( 2 mini engines overhauled ).

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