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2011 Ford Fiesta

Mark M.K

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Ford USA have made a website just for the Fiesta, and it has pictures on there. They have two types. Theres a Fiesta Hatch (like the UK one) and a Fiesta sedan, which kinda has some ugly boot on the back of it.

But looking into the website, it hints at a turbo kit for the engine as a possible option for the car.....


The possible features/options which could be on the US Fiesta are:

Sony Audio System

Sport tuned exhaust

Turbo Kit :o :angry:

Performance tuned suspension (prob like the Zetec S)

Powerstart button

17" polished wheels

Styling Kit

Ambient lights

Sync (no idea?)

The colours will be different names too. They are:

White light (our Frozen white)

Hurricane Blue (our Vision blue)


Ultra Violet

Green apple

Silver Haze


Orange peel


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Trust the Americans to ruin a good thing. And it puzzles me why they're making a sedan model of the fiesta when they already have the Mondeo and the 2010 Fusion Hybrid (also a sedan, and the reason why the econetic model of the fiesta isn't on sale over there... it completely shows up their new hybrid in MPG figures.)

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I don't understand...it's just a mondeo with a fiesta badge on it :(

No it isn't (not the Fiesta sedan [saloon] shown in a Tango-equivalent colour on the US Fiesta website, anyway) - it really is a saloon version of the Fiesta. I think I read they make them for the Indian market as well. The US market has always traditionally preferred sedans to hatches so that'll be why they're thinking of providing a saloon there.

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If the US gets the turbo kit then I hope it makes it's way over to the UK aswell (doubt it would though). Small turbo charged engines are the way forward imo. VW Tsi's, fiat t-jet's etc. all have low pressure turbo's, the massive torque boost they gives makes the cars feel much quicker, reduces the need for gear changes etc.

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Yep I suppose that could be it, I thought i read somewhere that ford weren't making any 'hot' versions of the fiesta though? Mind you they probably said they weren't making a new focus rs etc.

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Sync is Ford America's super-!Removed! audio system. It's featured on Engadget.com quite a lot, and it is co-produced by Microsoft.

From Wikipedia:

* 911 Assist†: In the event of a serious accident with an air bag deployment, the 911 Assist feature will make a direct call to a local 911 emergency operator. Before initiating the emergency 911 call, SYNC will provide a 10-second window to allow the driver or passenger to decide whether to cancel the call. If not manually cancelled within the 10-second window, SYNC will place the emergency call. A pre-recorded message will play when the call is answered, and occupants in the vehicle will then be able to communicate directly with the 911 operator.

* Vehicle Health Reports†: After setting their personal preferences online, users can access free car reports at any time using SYNC. This feature will be released with SYNC version 2.0. All current SYNC owners will have access to upgrade to this version. [3]

* Voice-activated, hands-free calling: Using the “Push to Talk” button on the steering wheel allows the user to access anyone on their mobile phone’s contact list by voice command.

* Uninterrupted connections: Pushing the “Telephone” button on the steering wheel will automatically transfer a current telephone call to the SYNC system without having to hang up and call again.

* Audible text messages: SYNC can convert text messages to audio and will read them out loud.

* Advanced calling features: SYNC displays the same features as the mobile phone used, such as caller ID, call waiting, conference calling, a caller log, a list of contacts, a signal strength icon, and a phone battery charge icon.

* Voice-activated music: SYNC allows you to browse through music collections by genre, album, artist, and song title using simple voice commands.

* Instant voice recognition: Allows users to avoid any complicated programming or reading aloud of prewritten scripts for SYNC to recognize their voice.

* Ring tone support: SYNC will play personal ring tones assigned to identify specific callers.

* Automatic phonebook transfer: SYNC will wirelessly transfer the names and numbers in a mobile phonebook automatically.

* Multilingual intelligence: SYNC is fluent in English, Canadian French, and Mexican Spanish. [4]

Doesn't seem too much different from the Titanium computer. Few extra bits here and there.

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