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Hi guys, new here!


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'Ello all, I'm Fraser

Going to be getting a new car shortly and am torn between the new petrol Fiesta Zetec S and the new Ibiza sport coupe FR. Both around the same price, the ibiza will obviously be alot quicker (1.4 with a turbo and supercharger, 150hp and bags more torque!) but the fiesta just looks so good i'll probably end up going for that.

There's always the possibility of Mountune'ing the Fiesta but I'd rather not have the really loud exhaust :unsure:

Anyway just thought I'd sign up and say hi as the forum looks a good place to get some decent info etc. :)

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:lol: Michelle from what I've read on the forum you seem to be the only one with the mountune performance upgrades, did they make a massive difference to the performance and how fast the car actually feels?
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Obviously now I am very used to the power and could do with more lol but the day we had the upgrade and I pulled off using the same sort of pedal power I was used to, the car flew and I nearly !Removed! myself lol, its much more responsive, the other day I was in a bit of a tricky situation and I just floored it to get out and I really felt the 0-60 in 7 seconds kick in - its great!!!!!!!!!

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