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How to debadge a MK4 Fiesta?

Michael P

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I have just this minute purchased an MK6 "FIESTA" badge for my MK4 because i think it looks a lot nicer than the MK4 badge.

Just wondering how i should go about getting rid of the "FIESTA" and "16V" off the back of my boot lid without leaving a mark on the car.

Any suggestions appreciated ;)

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Im 99% sure i read it on here about using fishing wire to cut the badges off. Then heat the glue up with a hairdryer. Then rub it off and stick back on.

Im sure ill be corrected if not :)

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Thank you very much :) I want to take them both off and then stick the new fiesta badge under the boot handle and then stick a 16V to the right off it. hopefully that won't sound tacky but my dad will give me soooo much gip for this!!

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