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Thieving gits !

Loyal Royal

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Hi guys, i have been reading your forum today and may i say it`s very good, some great cars and very informative.

I have recently bought an 04, 1.4 Flame in Panther Black and apart from a few minor car park scratches it was perfect, except for today, i go out to the car to have a good clean under the bonnet and some thieving little git has stolen the o/s lower windscreen corner trim !

I dont know how much they are but i hope he is happy with himself !

Anybody have an idea as to where to get another and i am i assuming it is easy to get on ?

Also i have seen a few with blacked out windows so dont want to follow them but do you know if you can get "silver or Alloy" tint ? I think it would look nice with silver tinted windows.


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