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Retrofit Cc And Esp Button On Facelifted Fiesta


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Hi, i have a facelifted Fiesta Titanium EcoBoost 125 from Denmark, but since there isn't much of a scene here you guys might be able to help me out.

I've started to commute in the car, but that wasn't planned so I didn't buy CC unfortunately. The dealer can install an aftermarket CC using the original buttons, but I prefer the original CC. Is that possible to retrofit? I've seen plenty of success stories with the pre facelift version, but none with the current facelifted model.

Secondly, the ESP got in my way quite a bit during the winter so I would love to have the "ESP" button (as seen on an ST) next to the Auto Start/Stop button. Originally the dealer said it couldn't be done, but that guy also claimed that the fiesta wasn't born with CC and confused an ST with an RS, so I'm not sure he knows much about the car. Can that button be installed? I can get the ST part, but if there isn't any wiring or the ECU doesn't support it I might as well save the money.

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Hi guys

Also from Denmark here.
I'm sure it can be done on these facelifted models (2013+). Not that long ago.. like half a year ago.. Ford dealers here in Denmark had an offer where they would retrofit original cruice control for the sum of 3.300 DKR. I kinda regret not jumping the wagon with the cruice control offer back then. 
So all in all, I am pretty sure you only have to ask the right workshop.


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Cruise control is extremely easy to add. The hard part is getting a garage to activate it via IDS. In the UK we have companies such as OBDiscovery that do it for us


To add, all you need is new steering wheel trim, new CC buttons, and the wiring loom for inside the steering wheel. Best bet is to get a full donor wheel and transfer the parts over 



You then need it enabling 



As for the ESP button, it too needs enabling but quite often the option for the switch is actually blanked out within IDS even if you have the option to turn TCS off in the vehicle menu 

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