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Protecting The Car?


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Thanks for the offer Jon!

Nah I havent done it yet, I got some polish yesterrday and as the postman walked away the sea fell out of the sky! looking outside now though it looks like it could be a good lunch hour, so I will be going out and seeing what I can do with it!

I could do with a polisher, but just dont have the funds at the moment!

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The biggest cahoona ache I am about to face is dealing with the bazillion stone chips around the fog light area! its like my car just runs behind cars throwing stones shouting "hit me, hit me!"

I think I will need a bit more than just polish to fix that!

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looks good and pretty much what I am doing at the moment :D

The only thing I am doing different is that I plan on using a spray lacquer once I have the chips sanded down, then I can polish it out from there :)

I just need to get my car back so I can finish the job lol

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Spoke to my local detailer the other day. Apparently, the new wolf's nano coating hardbody, is fairly scratch resistant. I don't think it would stand up to anything brutal, but it would help to minimize future damage. And it is really hard wearing, which is a bonus. I'm not to sure about how well it would adhere to a glaze though...

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