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2005 Fiesta - Whats Behind the Rear Bumper?


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Hi there guys! First post here! Lovely Forum you have here! Just wanted to ask a question about the rear bumper of a 2005 Fiesta!

My mum ran into the back of one the other day and the damage caused was pretty small, but very very odd.

Take a look first at the back of the Fiesta:


Can you see those holes? weird right? If you look closely you'll see the holes are protruding outwards.

Now take a look at my mums 3-series:


What the hell? Whatever it was that was behind the bumper had punchtured my mums numberplate and bumper skin.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

PS - Where's the Ford Cougar Section??? And no I dont mean that badly spelt version Ford have just released!

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