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Focus Fuel Cap


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Straight forward question really :)

I bought Redex diesel injector cleaner today to add to my fuel tank but I can't seem add it, there seems to be a mechanism locking access to where you enter the fuel.

It opens when I put the diesel pump into the area for filling up but when I take it away it locks, pushing against it with the Redex bottle won't seem to open it.

Just wondering if there's some sort of knack to doing it?

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There's a special funnel for it?...That's strange, I'm almost certain I bought a bottle of redex when I first bought the car and put it in?!?

Checked the boot and don't appear to have one anyway. Anyone a picture of what it looks like or where to get one?

Could be a right nussance if you were unlucky enough to run out of diesel on a country road so :O

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looks like this


you will be able to poke open the outer flap and pour it in, but it will just !Removed! all over the floor by the wheel, there is a second flap further down that also needs moved, hence the filling funnel thing

an if you run out of diesel on a country road youll probably have more to worry about then filling it up again ;)

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Ah, didn't think the 2.5's had the fancy fuel flow thing. On the Mk3 they are different colours. The petrol one wont work as the nozzle is thinner so make sure you get the right one for your model and fuel type

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